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    Medical Alert Systems Buying Guide

    It is often a fact of life: getting older traditionally means more medical issues. Those medical issues might come with a wide array of medications to keep our health in check. But what happens when those medications are forgotten, or worse, taken in the wrong dosages or at the wrong times of day? It is very easy for even the most able person to make a serious mistake with prescription medications.

    Medical alarm devices can help prevent that medication mix-up.

    Medication Management with Med Alert Systems

    Prescription medications can be powerful drugs, and if taken incorrectly, they can lead to serious problems. But if they are taken exactly as prescribed, that prescription might be the magic pill that offers a long, healthy life for years to come.

    The statistics don't lie: Over 25 percent of hospital admissions of those aged 65 or older are directly related to failure to take medications properly. Failure to take medications as prescribed is the number-one reason for readmissions, too. But it's not just about seniors. At least 60 percent of the medications prescribed in the United States are not taken as directed. That's a big chunk of medication errors.

    Med alert systems work for medication management by reminding you when to take a medication, as well as how much to take. Some medical alert devices achieve this with a built-in alarm that tells you when it is time to take the medication. Other devices actually store the medication for you and dispense the proper amount at the appropriate time.

    Medical alarm systems for medication management often have easy-to-use designs, pull-out trays, loud alarms that can be set to go off as often as needed, and large screens for those with impaired vision. The device is often backed up by a warranty through the medical alarm company.

    Over the Counter Matters, Too

    Some over-the-counter medications are just as powerful as prescription medications, and taking them together could lead to a negative outcome. Always take care not to mix prescription medications with over-the-counter meds until you have had a chance to clear the issue with your doctor.

    Wearing a medical alert device at all times can provide peace of mind if you ever do find yourself in a medical emergency involving medications. When seconds count, pressing that handy little button can bring help to your side immediately.

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