• Stay Safe in Your Home with These Eight Fall Prevention Tips

    Medical Alert Systems Buying Guide

    Anyone who purchases a medical alarm system hopes they will never actually have to use it. Up the chances that you might never have to press that important button by taking these fall prevention tips to heart.

    The Statistics on Falls

    Unfortunately, serious falls are one of the biggest reasons seniors need medical alarm devices. Falls in and around the home are a major cause of serious injury for those over 65. In fact, 2 out of 3 emergency room visits by older adults can be attributed to falls. The older a person gets, the more frequent and severe the falls might be. One too many falls can mark the end of living independently.

    How to Prevent Falls: 8 Tips to Staying Safe

    There are many steps you can take right now to reduce the risk of falls and serious injury in your home. Here are eight tips to keep safe and avoid falls.

    1. Use non-skid treads on all stairs in the home. If you can't install treads, opt for paint that contains sand or grit to prevent a slippery surface.
    2. Remove throw rugs that could make someone fall. If you can't remove them, fasten them securely with carpet tacks or double-sided tape.
    3. Install grab bars in the bathroom. Towel bars are not sturdy enough to hold the weight of a person who is falling down.
    4. Opt for cordless phones. Cordless phones should be kept near a favorite chair, so no one has to get up and walk quickly across a room to answer a call.
    5. Keep walkways clear by routing cords next to the wall. You can also set out numerous places to store things, thus reducing the clutter that might otherwise wind up on the floor.
    6. Wipe up any spills right away. Keep absorbent cloths at hand in all areas of the home, especially the kitchen and bathroom, to handle spills as soon as they happen.
    7. Store foods in the kitchen at waist level or just above, to make it easier to reach. Never use a step stool to reach high pantries--one wrong step can mean serious injury.
    8. Install nightlights in every part of your home, and make certain the overhead lights are very bright. The more you can see, the less likely you are to trip and fall.

    Why Your Senior Medical Alarm is So Important

    According to Alert1 Medical Alert Systems, those who opt for an emergency response alarm have fewer hospital admissions and shorter stays. The peace of mind of knowing that help can arrive very soon after a fall is one of the best reasons to have your medical alarm device with you at all times.

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