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    Medical Alert Systems Buying Guide

    Personal alarm devices offer peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Medical alarm companies that have many years of service behind their name can offer an even more comfortable sense of security. Alert1 Medical Alert Systems offers that long history and more.

    A Well-Established Medical Alarm Company

    Alert1 Medical Alert Systems was established over 20 years ago in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Originally known as AlertOne, today it has a new name, a new logo, and the experience to back up the claim of being an affordable and reliable medical alert provider recommended by numerous doctors, hospitals, and nursing home professionals. Over 150,000 families have trusted Alert1 to give their loved ones that peace of mind.

    Advantages of Alert1 Medical Alert Systems

    If you need help, pushing a button on your medical alert pendant or bracelet will call the cavalry! An Alert1 representative will immediately call your home to make certain you are okay. If you need emergency assistance or cannot answer the call, Alert1 swings into action.

    A call will be made to your local EMS service. The representative will give emergency personnel information about your location, your medical condition, and what kind of assistance you might need. The representative will then contact your loved ones to let them know about the situation and assure them that help is on the way.

    Other advantages of the Alert1 Medical Alert System include:

    • No activation charge or hidden fees
    • No contract, so you aren't locked into the service
    • No additional charge to monitor a second person in your home
    • The ability to monitor your account online
    • A 30-day money-back guarantee

    Alert1 goes above and beyond the call of duty with these optional features:

    • Room and hallway buttons. These medical alert buttons can hang on the walls or any other flat surface, wherever you need them, to provide additional peace of mind.
    • Voice extenders. Perfect for homes with multiple levels or ranch-style houses, the voice extender allows the operator to hear you even in the farthest reaches of a larger home.
    • Key boxes. A key box attaches on or near your front door. In the box is a key, and the key is protected by a combination lock. Alert1 representatives have the code on file, and can give it to emergency personnel so they can easily enter your house when seconds count.

    Your health matters, and so does your peace of mind. Make life easier on yourself and your loved ones with a medical alert system that suits your personal needs.

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