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    Medical Alert Systems Buying Guide

    There are dozens of medical alert devices to choose from, and just as many companies that want to earn your business. Since medical alarm devices must always work at the push of a button, choosing a tried and true medical alarm company is important.

    The CVS Medical Alert System carries the trusted name of CVS pharmacy behind every device. Recommended by Good Housekeeping as a top medical alarm, the CVS medical alert system provides the peace of mind you need, in any situation, day or night.

    The Benefits of the CVS Medical Alert System

    The CVS Medical Alert System can be ordered online or picked up at any CVS pharmacy. Each kit is designed to be attached to an electrical outlet and a phone line, and takes only a few minutes of setup before it is ready to work for you. The alert system is portable, so it can be moved to other locations in your home if needed.

    The console has clearly-marked functions with easy-to-read letters, as well as Braille for those with impaired vision. It offers a special alert tone for emergencies, a speaker phone option, and a 32-hour battery backup in the event of a power outage. The alert system comes with a waterproof emergency button that can be worn as a bracelet or pendant.

    In the Event of an Emergency

    When you press the button, a connection is made with a live operator, who then helps you assess the situation. If you need help, or if you don't respond to the connection from the monitoring center, an immediate call is made to Emergency Medical Services in your area.

    Before you activate your medical alert service, you are asked to provide medical information to the monitoring center. When an emergency does strike, the operator has that important information right at their fingertips. The operator briefs EMS personnel on your medical status and conditions, then contact key holders or loved ones at your request.

    Proven Expertise at Your Fingertips

    CVS Pharmacy offers the Medical Alert System as part of a partnership with the Connect American Medical Alarm Company, which is a member of the Medical Alert Monitoring Association (MAMA). The service is offered with no activation fee or long-term contract, and there is no sales pressure. A monthly payment ensures your constant medical alarm monitoring.

    CVS Pharmacy is a proven player in the medical world. Put that peace of mind to work for you with the CVS Medical Alert System.

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